Change Over Clean

After your clients leave the property, Matron's will prepare the property for the arrival of the next guests.

The holiday home will be cleaned and sanitised to Matron's high standard and will include:

  1. Strip bedding

  2. Fit clean bedding 

  3. Hoover all carpeted floors

  4. Wash/mop all hard flooring

  5. Toilet/sink/shower/bath clean

  6. Mirrors cleaned 

  7. Wardrobes and drawers

  8. Matron's edges & corners

  9. Remove dirty marks from walls

  10. Door handles & light switches 

  11. Empty bins & replace bin bags

  12. Fridge/cooker/microwave/kettle

  13. Windows cleaned internally

  14. Cobweb removal

  15. Change key code on key safe

2 Bed Chalet - £30 per clean

3 Bed Chalet - £40 per clean

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Holiday Homes For Sale

Holiday Homes For Sale


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