Spring Clean​

Make sure that  you prepare for the new season with Matron's Spring clean - ensuring that your property is prepared for the new seasons guests. 

Matron's will prepare your holiday home by carrying out the following services:

  1. Hoover all carpeted floors

  2. Wash/mop all hard flooring

  3. Toilet clean

  4. Sink clean

  5. Shower clean

  6. Bath clean

  7. Mirrors cleaned

  8. Replace bedding (Duvets/Pillows) 

  9. Wardrobes and drawers

  10. Matron's edges & corners

  11. Remove dirty marks from walls

  12. Door handles & light switches 

  13. Empty bins & replace bin bags

  14. Fridge clean

  15. Cooker clean

  16. Microwave clean

  17. Kettle clean 

  18. Windows internally 

  19. Clean light fittings

  20. Replace mattresses and sofa's to their original positions

  21. Replace all soft furnishings (cushions/mats) to their original positions 

  22. Ensure all cupboards are emptied 

  23. Ensure Fridge is emptied & sanitised 

  24. Deep clean the oven - inside/outside/behind

  25. Lift sofa, chairs, beds etc and clear rubbish from underneath, hoover.

  26. Curtains/Nets rehung (if removed during end of season clean) 

  27. Clean down Garden chairs/table

  28. Return Garden chairs/table outside and wipe down (if stored inside after end of season clean

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